Google Apps for Education

Google Mail (Gmail) for whole staff email – instant and consistent communication with a professional appearance for your school. Unlimited storage space if you have over 4 users. Less spam and mobile access. Keep everything and find it fast with Google search. Train students to use email by using actual email, not a third party imitation.

Google Calendar where teachers, administrators and students can instantly view and share team schedules, appointments, deadlines and holidays. Accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. Integrate calendars with existing school web pages for easy updates. Changes are made in real-time and are automatically seen by everyone with access.

Google Drive is a shared storage space allowing you to share individual files or whole folders with specific people, your entire team or even contractors. Create and reply to comments on files to get feedback or add ideas in real time. Collaborate on lesson plans. Use Docs to work on the same lesson plan at the same time as a colleague. Unlimited storage space if you have over 4 users.

Google Classroom is a virtual learning environment (VLE) powered by Google Apps for Education. Teachers can create assignments for their classes. Students can complete assignments using Google Apps from anywhere with an Internet connection and submit their work securely online. Teachers can review, grade and give feedback. All for free with Goggle Apps for Education.

Google Classroom

Classroom 101

• Create classes and assignment documents including videos and pictures

• Create discussion threads within a virtual class

• Issue editable assignments to work with to perform a task

• Students can create their own assignment documents from scratch using Google Apps

• Students submit their work securely online

• Teachers can review, comment or suggest changes by annotating and editing the handed-in documents

• Teachers can assign a grade and give overall feedback

• All documents are automatically organised and securely stored within folders

• Google Classroom is free for schools that are using Google Apps for Education

We can fully set-up and manage your Google Apps. The table below breaks down the cost of implementing Google Apps for Education:

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